Culture Wars Over!


But according to the big story of the day in our little neck of the woods, that’s the goal of Third Way‘s exercise in brokering a “Come Let Us Reason Together” agreement on a few issues between some of the usual middle-of-the-road evangelicals and some of the usual bien-pensant progressive evangelicals. With the imprimatur and nihil obstat of that sponsor of all goodly coalitions, Rabbi David Saperstein. Brody puffs and Gilgoff’s got the story and Pastordan snorts.
To me, this smacks too much of creating that elusive centrist evangelicalism we’ve all been reading so much about, and not enough about, well, policy coalitions. If you want to go for comprehensive immigration reform, go for it; and bring all those Catholics along. See how much of the pro-choice crowd will sign on to abortion reduction. Get behind a no-torture resolution in Congress. The way to end the Culture Wars is not to create a third way (pace Third Way), but to do the work itself. Sez I.