New RIN!

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the latest issue of Religion in the News is now online, featuring Doe Daughtrey’s story on the Mormon campaign for Proposition 8. It’s paired with “No Saints Need Apply,” an examination–complete with regression analysis!–by John Green and me of the impact of anti-Mormonism on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Also in an electoral mode are Melissa Proctor’s survey of faith-based Palin cartoons and Patricia Killen’s explication of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ single-issue pre-occupation.

In addition, my new colleague Homayra Ziad reviews coverage of the Mumbai assault in the Indian press. Andrew Walsh does one of his inimitable numbers on Eastern Orthodoxy  in a blow-by-blow of the recent financial scandal in the Orthodox Church in America. And undergraduate fellows Amory Minot and Thea Button lend a hand with stories on the latest religious prejudice news in the military and the politics of race at Reverside Church. Plus, of course, the usual editor’s column, this time on inaugural praying.

I’ll be out of pocket for a few days, so enjoy!