Dolan on Williamson: Pope’s bad


Maybe. In its story on New York’s new archbishop, the Jewish Week got this from Paula Simon, executive director of Milwaukee’s Jewish Council for Community Relations.

Simon, in a telephone interview with The Jewish Week, said the
archbishop apologized for the impression given by the pope’s action
that the Catholic Church condones denial of the Holocaust’s historical
authenticity. “We’re embarrassed. This is inappropriate,” she reported
the archbishop as saying about lifting of the excommunication of Bishop
Richard Williamson, who has said the Holocaust was exaggerated and no
Jews died in the Nazi gas chambers.

It certainly seems as though Dolan, on the eve of his translation to the Big Apple, was directly criticizing the pope’s action. No?

Update: Meanwhile, the Vatican is rejecting this by way of apology from Williamson: “To all souls that took honest scandal from what I said, before God I apologize.” Huh?