God in Gov


Isandbox.jpeg‘ve been meaning to tip my hat to a new playmate in the religion-and-politics sandbox–WaPo’s God in Government, featuring the newspaper’s two religion reporters, Michelle Boorstein and Jacqui Salmon. This a.m. they’ve got a couple of must-read posts, an interview with Rich Cizik by the latter and a scoop by the former on the faith-based hiring issue.

In his post-National Association of Evangelicals incarnation, Cizik is starting up a new organization for “new-agenda evangelicals.” If it achieves traction, Cizik will become a force to be reckoned with on the faith-based political scene. The hiring issue, meanwhile, has been judged too hot for the OFANP Advisory Council to handle, and so is being kicked over to the lawyers. That, in my view, is where it should have been in the first place. The Obama Administration has to decide what its policy is, rather than expect some compromise to emerge from the widely divergent folks on the Council.