Abstinence-only obit premature


abstinence.jpgLast week, Politico’s Ben Smith reported that the Obama Administration had x’ed out funding for abstinence-only sex ed programs. Beloved as these are of social conservatives and their political watercarriers (cf. Administration, Bush), there’s no evidence that they actually work (Levi 1, Bristol 0). Also, liberals don’t believe in abstinence. (OK, OK.) Brody has leapt on this report, reminding his readers that elections have consequences. But meanwhile, someone has whispered in Smith’s ear that actually there is a pot of unspecified dough available for abstinence-only, provided that the programs are promising and subject themselves to rigorous evaluation. I’ve heard the same. The point here being that, once again, the Obamaites are proceeding with excruciating care on the hot-button social issues.