Granite State tumbles

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old man.jpegGov. Lynch says he’ll sign same-sex marriage bill with more religious protections, thereby making it five out of six in New England.

I have heard, and I understand, the very real feelings of same-sex
couples that a separate system is not an equal system. That a civil law
that differentiates between their committed relationships and those of
heterosexual couples undermines both their dignity and the legitimacy
of their families.

I have also heard, and I understand, the
concerns of our citizens who have equally deep feelings and genuine
religious beliefs about marriage. They fear that this legislation would
interfere with the ability of religious groups to freely practice their

Throughout history, our society’s views of civil
rights have constantly evolved and expanded. New Hampshire’s great
tradition has always been to come down on the side of individual
liberties and protections.

That is what I believe we must do today.

Rhode Island will take another year or so.