New Issue of RIN!

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Madoff.jpgThe latest issue of Religion in the News is now on line, for those of you who can’t wait for your hard copy. The cover story is Jerome Chanes’ look at how the Madoff scandal played in the Jewish press–and why it’s been such a huge disgrace in the Jewish world. In the Catholic world, Steven Avella traces the rainbow that Timothy Dolan has followed to the Big Apple and Andrew Walsh recounts Benedict XVI’s trials with his right wing.

On the evangelical front, Christine McMorris explores the world of multiple child Reality TV (what hath “Jon and Kate” wrought?), while Brendan Kelly reviews Ted Haggard’s second act. For afficionados of the Episcopal Wars, there’s Al Salvato’s tale of the Buddhist lay ordinand who would be bishop and Marc Stern’s primer on how the American courts adjudicate religious property disputes.

Finally, Dennis Hoover provides the latest chapter in the saga of the Faith-Based Initiative and I offer my editor’s perspective on our amazing adventure as purveyors of the Great Religious Identification Story of 2009, and what it says about American religion in our time.