How about some props for the ACLU?

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Among religious conservatives, no organization is more demonized than the American Civil Liberties Union. And indeed, when it comes to standing up for church-state separation (cf. the Establishment Clause), the ACLU earns the ire. But as the professionals on the right know full well, the ACLU is usually there for them when it comes to religious liberty (cf. the Free Exercise Clause).

That’s the case in the odd lobbying investigation recently launched against the Catholic Church in Connecticut by the state ethics board. It relates to a protest mounted by Bridgeport’s Bishop Lori against a bill that would have changed the state’s rules on who controls the church’s finances. As reported in today’s Hartford Courant, AG Richard Blumenthal has now advised the ethics board to drop the investigation because it likely violates the church’s freedom of religion. The story notes that the ACLU has filed its own brief in the case, attacking the investigation on free speech grounds.

Cut to the Catholic League. Pooh-bah Bill Donohue loves to beat up on the ACLU. (Stick “ACLU” in its search engine and you’ll see what I mean.) So how about it, Bill? Credit where credit is due?

Update: Nope, Bill just didn’t have it in him. Surprised?