Ni Weigel non plus

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Clever George. The real way to understand Caritas in Veritate is that all that  Justice and Peace stuff is the work of those socialist gnomes in the Curia, while the good stuff about Faith and Reason and Life is the pope’s own.

Benedict XVI, a truly gentle soul, may have thought it necessary to
include in his encyclical these multiple off-notes, in order to
maintain the peace within his curial household. Those with eyes to see
and ears to hear will concentrate their attention, in reading Caritas in Veritate,
on those parts of the encyclical that are clearly Benedictine,
including the Pope’s trademark defense of the necessary conjunction of
faith and reason and his extension of John Paul II’s signature theme —
that all social issues, including political and economic questions, are
ultimately questions of the nature of the human person.

In short, ignore all that stuff Weigel disagrees with. Let’s hear it for the Conservative Catholic Cafeteria!