700 Club hearts DuBois

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CBN.jpegIt’s hard to imagine anything puffier than David Brody’s profile of White House Faith Czar Joshua DuBois, right through to the kicker:

So while DuBois plugs away for the commander-in-chief at his dream job, his parents back in Nashville say a familiar prayer.

DuBois’s mom said, “From the time Joshua was born I
prayed for his protection and I pray for his wisdom that he will hear
God and that he will follow his direction.”

And that’s not to mention host Gordon Perry Robertson’s hearty amens, including his injunction to viewers to pray for the president. It’s all the farthest cry from the Limbaughs and the Becks, the birthers and the town-hall screamers. To say nothing else, it’s further evidence that CBN is now a closer approximation of a traditional TV news operation than Fox.