Pissing match

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Between the Dans, Schultz and Gilgoff. The question is whether Gilgoff, in this post, disrespected religious progressives by pumping up concerns expressed by some commongroundnik types about the possibility that the House health reform bill will lead to more abortions. I’d score it 3-2 for Schultz. Yes, Gilgoff tips his hat to pro-abortion rights religious progressives, but way down in the post. The burden of the story is that religious progressives have abortion concerns.

Gilgoff defends himself by arguing that the pro-abortion rights progressives haven’t really made themselves worth the ink because they’re not players in the discussion. But the real problem is that the folks he describes as “left” are better thought of as Democratic centrists who have dedicated themselves to bridging the gap between pro-lifers and the main Democratic constituencies. That ought to have been made clear.

Update: Schultz rejoinds.