White evangelicals like the public option!


According to Quinnipiac: White Catholics and Jews support requiring people to have health insurance, while white Protestants (evangelical and non-evangelical) oppose it. They all support requiring businesses to provide heath insurance. They all want health care reform to have Republican support and none think either party is making a good-faith effort to achieve it.  And they all support a public option–including white evangelicals.

Let’s put a fine point on that last item. Even though 70 percent of white evangelicals disapprove of the way President Obama is handling health care; even though 67 percent say they oppose his health care reform plan; and even though twice as many trust Republicans to do a better job handling health care than trust him (49 percent versus 25 percent); nevertheless, they support “giving people the option of being covered by a
government health insurance plan that would compete with private plans” by 51 percent to 43 percent.