Or maybe sell the Western Wall?

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Jim Martin kind of likes Sarah Silverman’s latest video proposal. Bill Donohue, not so much.Said video, in which the lovely Ms Silverman delicately suggests that the Vatican be sold so she doesn’t have to watch starving children on her 48″ hi-def plasma TV, was shown on HBO’s Bill Maher show a few days ago, and Donohue knows who to blame.

Silverman’s assault on Catholicism is just another example of HBO’s
corporate irresponsibility. Time and again, if it’s not Bill Maher
thrashing the Catholic Church, it’s one of his guests. There is
obviously something pathological going on there: Silverman’s filthy
diatribe would never be allowed if the chosen target were the Chief
Rabbi of Jerusalem and the state of Israel.

Yep, it’s the Jews who run HBO. In case you missed the point, here’s how he wraps it up:

Here’s a reality check for Silverman: the Catholic Church operates more
hospitals and feeds more of the poor than any private institution in
the world. It also saved more Jews during the Holocaust than any other
institution in the world.

So c’mon, HBO. How about a special on the canonization of Pius X!I?

H/T: Cathy Grossman