Focus on the Family pays for abortions


That’s the burden of Amy Sullivan’s charge over on Swampland. She’s ascertained that Focus ensures its employees through Principal Insurance Company, which includes abortion services in its health insurance policies. Even assuming that Focus’ own group plan does not include abortion coverage, isn’t the organization still indirectly underwriting abortions? And how is that different from what Focus and its allies object to in current versions of health reform legislation?

Actually, Focus et al. may have an answer. It’s that they do not object to the government subsidizing policies that exclude abortion but which happen to be offered by companies that offer other policies which include abortion coverage. So far as I know, no pro-life groups are opposing federal subsidies going to any company that offers abortion coverage. That would rule out most existing health insurance companies, which surely those good Republicans (plus the Man From Aetna/Cigna, Joe Lieberman) would never want to do.

Plus then, the only way to insure against such indirect underwriting of abortions would be to require all recipients of  subsidies (health insurance vouchers) to purchase their health insurance from a federal (public option) program that covers abortions only according to the Hyde Amendment exceptions. OMG!