No remorse

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David and Goliath.jpegIt seems that eBay won’t permit supporters of Scott Roeder, the man accused of murdering abortion doctor George Tiller, to use its site to hold an auction to raise money for his defense. Among the items they planned to auction is a prison drawing by Roeder of David and Goliath depicting David holding the head of
Goliath with the name “Tiller” inscribed on Goliath’s forehead. On the corpse are the words
“child-murdering industry.”

According to the AP, “Roeder’s supporters are encouraging him to use a ‘necessity defense,’
saying that Tiller’s killing on May 31 was an act of justifiable
homicide. Other anti-abortion activists charged with violent crimes
have tried to use such a defense, but with little success.”

Update: There’s the Caravaggio, here’s the Roeder: