Common Good Catholics


Dionne.jpgBy way of a footnote to the last post, consider the following items. First, there’s today’s column by E.J. Dionne, foremost example of a Common Good Catholic in the pundit biz. Dionne makes the case for embracing pro-life Dems, contends that the Stupak Amendment is no biggie, and challenges his bishops to step up to the plate now on health care reform.

TomP.jpgThen there’s Rep. Tom Perriello, co-founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and the only freshman congressman representing a district that voted for McCain last year to vote for the health care bill. As Walter Shapiro points out in an appreciative (and slightly aghast) profile over on Politics Daily, Perriello, whose district includes Virginia’s very conservative Southside, also voted for the president’s stimulus package and cap-and-trade. But he was one of 64 Democrats to vote for Stupak.

Yes, Dionne hints that it might be a good idea to allow abortion coverage into the public option (which Stupak prohibits). And Perriello would seem to be a dependable vote for whatever health care bill emerges from an eventual House-Senate conference committee. But pro-choicers need to realize that there are pro-lifers of conscience even among the staunchest liberal Democrats.