A question of Episcopalians

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The election of Mary Glasspool, interviewed today in the Baltimore Sun, seems to be hurrying up the likely extrusion of the Episcopal Church from the worldwide Anglican Communion–the association of national churches affiliated with the Church of England under the titular aegis of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The result of such an extrusion would be…well, that Episcopal bishops wouldn’t get to go hobnob with other Anglican bishops every ten years at the Archbishop’s Lambeth Palace.

Has anyone ever tried to determine how many Episcopalians even care if their denomination is part of the Anglican Communion? Just as the Church of England split with the Church of Rome over a matter of state (Henry VIII marital inclinations), so the Episcopal Church created itself as an entity separate from the Church of England over that late unpleasantness involving tea and other disagreements resulting in the United States of America. Maybe it’s time for the Episcopalians to return to their revolutionary roots.