The Ghost Gap

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ghost.jpegWhoa! Or should I say, Whooo! According to an intriguing new survey from Pew, Democrats are twice as likely to believe in ghosts as Republicans. Also, twice as likely to believe in fortune tellers and that they are in touch with the dead. And in reincarnation, yoga, spiritual energy, and astrology. And more likely, kinna hurra, to believe in the evil eye.

OK, so maybe this is partly an artifact of race and ethnicity. Blacks and Hispanics are a lot more likely to believe in most of the above, and a lot more likely to be Democrats. But the pattern holds for liberals versus conservatives as well. (Except for the evil eye–17 percent of both believe in it.)

Where things even out is in the realm of “religious or mystical experiences.” Fifty percent of both Democrats and Republicans said they have them. Likewise, 50 percent of liberals and 55 percent of Republicans. Conclusion: Republicans and Democrats have roughly the same quantum of spiritual life–but for the Democrats it’s more, ah, polymorphous.