Religiosity by state


Pew has a cool new study out on religiosity by state according to four scales: importance of religion to the individual, worship attendance, frequency of prayer, and belief in God. The national average for those who say religion is very important in their lives is 56 percent. Among the 22 states (plus D.C.) above the national average, 16 voted for John McCain in 2008 (including 14 of the top 15). Among the 29 below the national average, 23 voted for Barack Obama (including nine of the bottom 10).

Interestingly, however, the states represented by the Republican ticket ranked lower on the importance-of-religion scale than those represented by the Democratic ticket: Delaware (Biden) 25th; Illinois (Obama) 29th; Arizona (McCain) 34th; and Alaska (Palin) 49th. All four were below the national average. Make of that what you will.