Mormons are conservative, Republican?

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Gallup’s latest political release is not exactly stop-the-presses material. Aggregating 2009 surveys, it has determined that Mormons are a lot more conservative and Republican than any other religious grouping in America. Specifically, 59 percent consider themselves conservative and 65 percent Republican. The next most conservative/Republican cohort are the Protestants/Other Christians (i.e. non-Catholic Christians), who weigh in at 46 percent conservative and 44 percent Republican. It would have been useful, however, if Gallup had included a cross-tab by race and type. Back out the blacks and Latinos and the Protestants would look a lot more like Mormons–and white evangelicals even more so. As for the Jews, they’re just about the inverse of the Mormons: 43 percent liberal and 69 percent Democrat. The two Zions, as it were.