Religious prejudice in America today

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The most striking finding from Gallup’s new survey of Americans’ feelings about different religions and their adherents is…four times as many people admit to “a great deal” of prejudice against Christians than against either Jews or Buddhists. OK, it’s four percent greatly prejudiced against Christians versus one percent against the other two. You can hold the headline.

Actually, the survey’s “major finding” is  that on the prejudice scale Islam rates a good deal higher than the other three groups tested for: Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. This is entirely unsurprising. If Gallup had wanted to do something more useful, it would have gotten responses for other faiths, and differentiated the Christian category. Had the survey included Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Catholicism, Evangelical Protestantism, Hinduism, and atheism, Islam would look nothing like the outlier it does in this one.