Catholic tea partying


Over on In All Things today, Sean Michael Winters dumps on Deal Hudson’s call for a Catholic Tea Party movement to protest such authority (moral and hortatory if less than strictly canonical) that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wields over the faithful. Sean Michael is shocked, shocked that someone as allegedly devoted to the Church should somehow imagine the need for a grass roots organization against the ecclesial leadership. Holy Luther, Batman!

But of course, as Hudson himself notes, there’s been no shortage of right-wing Catholic agitation against the bishops, collectively and singly, ever since Vatican II. Presumably what Hudson has in mind is some open coalition of the various agitators–who now instead of taking potshots on their websites and traveling to Rome to whisper about this or that outbreak of liberalism, would emerge from the closet into the clear light of day. And if I were a Catholic progressive I would say to that, “Make my day.”