Religion news, etc.


A new Pew survey shows the proportion of Americans who think there’s enough news coverage of a particular subject area versus the proportion who think there’s not enough. As in 87%-6% for sport; 59%-34 percent for U.S. domestic policy; and 51%-44% for religion and spirituality. Other than revealing that people feel saturated by sports (and to a somewhat lesser extent business coverage), I’m not sure what to make of this–especially regarding religion. (Pew emphasizes the sizable number of “not enoughs.”

There’s a whole lot less conventional religion coverage than there was a decade ago, simply because 90 percentage of it used to come from newspapers, and newspaper staffs–especially in specialty areas–have been radically reduced over the past few years. Maybe people are getting their religion news from elsewhere. Maybe they don’t want all that much of it. Or maybe, this is one of those surveys that asks people for answers to questions they’ve never thought about, And so in most cases, the answers mean very little.

Second thought: How come, by the way, people weren’t asked any “too much coverage” questions? What if, say, 20 percent thought there was too much coverage of religion? Oops.