The Legion and the Curia

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Lest anyone think there isn’t a curia problem, check out the first installment of Jason Berry’s new investigation into the Legion of Christ, the hyper-conservative priestly order created by Arch-hypocrite Marcial Maciel Delgollado. It’s the month of decision for the $25-billion operation, what with the special five-bishop commission of inquiry set to report to the Vatican secretary of state at the end of the month.

Down in Dawsonville, Georgia, meanwhile, Southern Catholic College, which the Legion acquired last summer for cash on the barrel head, closed its doors today, according to my sources. The faculty were told that they would receive one more monthly paycheck and that would be it. You’ve got to think that the Legionaries are trimming sail as they await the gathering storm. You’ve got to figure what with all the new sexual abuse cases emerging across Europe, that 25 billion could sure come in handy.

Update: The Catholic News Agency has the story.