To hell with faith outreach, Dems

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That’s pretty much the reaction of Diana
Butler Bass
, Sarah
and Daniel Schultz to Michelle Boorstein’s WaPo story–at least if it’s the kind of outreach done in the last couple of election cycles by the Eleison Group. The kind that resulted in the sort of blue dog Democratic congressman who votes for the Stupak Amendment and then proceeds to vote against health care reform. The way to go, if faith outreach there is to be, is to reach out to the likes of, oh, Diana Butler Bass, Sarah Posner, and Daniel Schultz–religious liberals who take a flexible view about the authorship of the Bible. I have a suspicion, however, that those three actually vote Democratic already, which suggests that their advice is to preach to the choir. Is that what you do on Sundays, Pastor Dan?

No doubt, liberals tend to get upset when they see Congresspersons they regard as DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) appearing to undermine the progressive agenda. But without knowing whose votes the Speaker has in her pocket in case she needs them, I’m not confident that they are merely Trojan horses of conservatism. Moreover, the false assumption is that having Eleison represent the odd conservative Democrat is the sum total of Democratic faith outreach. On the contrary, the issue is digitized targeting of voters by religious group. It’s nuts and bolts, and it’s worth it.