Ted Haggard’s Second Act

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TedHaggard.jpgOver at Religious Connections, Frink sticks in the shiv, so why do I have a hard time resisting the urge to let bygones be bygones? Maybe it’s that lapdog eagerness for approval, on display in Jesus Camp. Maybe it was seeing him drag has disgraced butt around Arizona in Alexandra Pelosi’s documentary.

The world he made just got too big for him, so now he’s back to square one, with another church to grow. Now he’s a little open and affirming, now a little down on the religious right. As lying hypocrites go, he seems like the boy next door,
trying to make a buck the only way he knows how. His 15 minutes won him a permanent place in the rogues’ gallery of American religion. Peace be with him, even if there is no peace to be had.