The Beliefnet beat

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Regular readers of this blog will know that a month ago I started up another blog over at Beliefnet, the religious multiplex where millions of subscribers can do one or another spiritual thing online. Likewise, those who follow religion-and-media news will know that Beliefnet, founded by Steve Waldman back at the end of the last century and acquired by Fox in 2008, has now been sold (for an undisclosed tax write-off) to Affinity4, a Virginia-based company run by evangelical Christians that (as Mark Oppenheimer noted in his NYT column Saturday) is dedicated to “the sanctity of the family.”

I love my own family but am inclined think it a bit idolatrous to dedicate oneself to “the sanctity” of “the family.” Certainly I am not so dedicated. Nonetheless, I have a year-long contract with Beliefnet and expect to honor same. As I understand it, the new owners are committed (if not dedicated) to a maintaining Beliefnet as a site for all seasons. And if I could work for Fox, I can certainly work for Affinity4.