Zonker Lives in Middletown

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Down I-91 from where I work–and where I’ve sent all three of my sons–sits an institution of high learning once known as P.C.U. It has given American culture some wonderful things (e.g. Mad Men), and for the past 30 years has celebrated its own distinctive culture with festivals named in honor of Zonker Harris and his uncle Duke–those less than reputable icons of American culture created by an alumnus of theat bigger institution of high learning even farther down I-91.

This week Gary Trudeau has seen fit to return the honor, taking up cudgels against an administration that’s seeking to clean up Wesleyan’s image by suppressing the Zonker/Duke names. The strip is a hoot, and if Wes has any class (and savvy) it will forthwith invite Trudeau to show up at graduation for an honorary degree. (He does, I can vouch, give a superb commencement speech.) Meanwhile, for the back story, check out my son Ezra’s 2008 article in the school newspaper.