Telling the pope to shut up

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Lest you think the pope’s condom comments aren’t continuing to explode conservative Catholic heads, check out Sandro Magister’s latest post, “Friendly Fire on Benedict XVI. And a Condom’s to Blame.” In particular, consider this juicy scolding from Luke Gormally, Ordinary Member, Pontifical Academy for Life and Director Emeritus, The Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics, London, UK:

You seem to think it is courageous and admirable of the Pope to continue
to function as a private theologian, even in areas in which he
possesses no particular competence (moral theology). It seems to many
people I know that it is both irresponsible (because it creates
confusion in the general populace about the exercise of the papal
magisterium) and self-indulgent; self indulgent because it is a case of
the Pope retreating to his “comfort zone” of writing and talking while
neglecting urgent tasks of governance.

Somehow, I don’t think it is politic to tell this pope not to venture into theological waters where he can’t swim. The Vatican tends to take note of such things. But the main thing is: What Benedict has done is a Big Deal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.