Sauce for Donohue’s gander

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Some of you may recall that a week ago, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue took umbrage at my daring to suggest that the canon law doctrine of Scandal be jettisoned. It wasn’t that he disagreed with what I had to say about the doctrine but that it was the likes of me who said it.

Silk is not a Catholic–he is a Jew. Imagine a Catholic professor telling
observant Jews that they need to change one or more of their doctrines.
If such a character could be found, I would be the first to tell him to
mind his own business.

I take it that his point was that no one should presume to tell those of other faiths what their doctrines should be. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered Professor Donohue delivering himself of the following just three days later:

Not until Muslims renounce the sharia–the totalitarian legal system
that justifies oppression–will Christians be safe in Muslim-run nations.

That kind of sounds like the good doctor is not minding his own business. But of course, he regards it as very much his business that sharia, as he understands it, has harmful societal effects. And I agree. If you judge someone else’s religious doctrine to affect society adversely, you are entitled to argue for its, ah, renunciation.

There, I’m glad we’ve got that settled.