Donohue v. Bettencourt

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I should have held my breath after all. Bill Donohue has gone ahead and let loose a broadside, calling on the New Hampshire House to pass a resolution of censure against Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt. The latter “had plenty of time to retract his vicious assault on Manchester Bishop John B. McCormack and refuses to do so,” Donohue pronounced. Evidently he is unaware of the Bettencourt apology or considers it inadequate. I’m guessing the former.

Update: Now D.J. wants an audience to kiss McCormack’s…ring.

Later Update: Whether or not Donohue was aware of the Bettencourt letter when he first weighed in, he is now, and he’s not buying:

Bettencourt could have simply issued an apology, and the entire matter would have been behind him. But instead he chose to stick to his guns. Such arrogance is appalling. He needs to be censured now more than ever. If New Hampshire lawmakers tolerate this level of discourse, they will only invite more recklessness in the future.

Now that I think of it, there would be something bizarre about a state legislature censuring a member for being uncivil to a leader of his own religious body. You’ve got to hand it to Bill, he’s managed to put Bettencourt between a rock and a most uncomfortable place: Either brave the rage of Donohue or grovel for McCormack’s pardon.

Tuesday Update: Bettencourt says he’ll meet with McCormack to apologize in person.

Tuesday Later Update: So Donohue backs off.

Tuesday Even Later: Donohue backs on. Call NH GOP “in trouble.”