Anti-Mormon Dems

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Curiously enough, Democrats are now significantly more likely than Republicans to say they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon for president, according to the latest Gallup survey. In December of 2007, the numbers were 18 percent for both parties (19 percent for Independents); today the Republican naysayers are still at 18 percent, while the Dems have bounced up to 27 percent. Whether this means anything is another question. In February 1999, it was 16 percent (R) versus 22 percent (D); in February 2007, 30 percent (R) versus 23 percent (D).

The basic story is that Mormons are well up in the negativity sweepstakes (22 percent), but not as high as gays/lesbians (32 percent) and nowhere near as high as atheists (49 percent); Muslims are not included in the survey report. Blacks, by contrast, are all the way at the bottom (5 percent), followed by women (6 percent), Baptists (7 percent), Catholics (7 percent), Jews (9 percent), and Hispanics (10 percent). Blacks? Oh yeah, we’ve got a black president right now.