Rebranding the SBC

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sbclogo.jpgPresident Bryant Wright of the Southern Baptist Convention has decided that the country’s largest (but shrinking) Protestant denomination needs a new name–because it’s too, well, regional: “There are not a lot of folks in New York City interested in going to a
Southern Baptist church,” he said. “Or in Cheyenne, Wyoming, or Boise,
Idaho.” Or, I’d say, in Hartford, Connecticut. Plus even the word “Baptist,” it seems, turns folks off. So Wright, who pastors the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia, and is founder and chairman of Right From the Heart Ministries, has established a study committee to come up with something possessed of wider appeal.

Always ready to help out those in need, the Spiritual Politics blog herewith offers a Letterman’s Top Ten list of possibilities.

10. The Convention Formerly Known as Southern Baptist
9. Not Your Granddaddy’s SBC
8. Ya’ll Come On Over Ministries
7. Mr. Land’s Neighborhood
6. Right From the Heartland
5. The Great Commission Convention
4. Nobody Here But Us Christians
3. Some Bodacious Christians
2. The Republican Party at Prayer

And the winner is…

1. America’s Church