In God We Trust Again

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty relieved that the House of Representatives passed a resolution yesterday declaring that the National Motto is the national motto. So In God We Trust is In God We Trust, and God’s in his heaven, and all’s right with the world. More or less.

OK, so there are some snickerers out there–Dana Milbank, I’m talking about you— who think that maybe the Republicans who control the House should be focusing their attention on legislation to create jobs instead of whomping up a lot of whereases to demonstrate that God is really important for liberty, morality, equality, and all that other good stuff. But I say that, unlike government, God is a Job Creator. You might even call him, The Great Entrepreneur.

I mean, but for “our Creator” (as our Declaration puts it), we wouldn’t have been able to avail ourselves of the opportunity to eat bread by the sweat of our brow. Plus think of all the jobs that have been created by divine acts like the freak snowstorm that has plunged my state into darkness. There’s a good month of work out there for thousands of chain saws and electrical utility repair trucks to do until the lights are back. Personally, I’m praying for for one of those trucks to show up on my block, but so far there’s been nary a sighting in all of West Hartford. Ah, the evidence of things unseen.

So thanks again, Majority Leader Cantor. At least for another year, the closest we’re going to get to a Republican jobs bill is trusting to the Lord. As your grandmother might have said, “From your mouth to God’s ear!”