Rick, Rick, Help me! Uh, Rick?


Rick Rick.jpgThe CW tonight is that Rick Perry has stuck the final fork in himself–and who am I to disagree? When you can’t even remember–“oops”–the names of the federal agencies you’ve promised to eliminate, you’re a joke even in this Republican field. It was only four months ago that Perry rode out of Austin as the savior of the evangelical old guard. What can they be thinking now?

“We never trusted Huckabee. Palin’s out of it. Bachmann’s like one of those crazy church ladies who’s always in our face. Herman Cain is now beyond unelectable. All that’s left besides Romney and the other Mormon are the two Roman Catholics, Altar Boy Santorum and Convert Gingrich–Beltway insiders both. We probably can get our guy–whoever it is–the VP slot. But shee-it, it’s tempting to sit this sucker out.”