Bachmann on the rise?

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A new PPP survey of likely GOP caucus-goers in Iowa suggests that Michele Bachmann may be picking up the lion’s share of Cain supporters. Both showed at eight percent in the latest Iowa Poll, taken just prior to Cain’s withdrawal. Now PPP’s got her at 13. (Update: confirmation from NYT/CBS.) Nobody’s worked Hawkeye turf harder than Bachmann. Fifty-eight percent of likely caucus-goers have been contacted by her campaign, according to the latest survey from WaPo/ABC. That’s compared with only 32 percent who have been contact by Mitt Romney’s campaign, the second most active.

Speaking of Romney, he does seem to be a waning force in Iowa. According to PPP, his favorables are barely in positive territory–49 percent versus 45 percent unfavorable.Gingrich is 62-31, Bachmann 56-35, and Paul 52-38. If Romney’s troops don’t perform well on the ground, he could easily come in fourth–not good.

Once again, however, no one’s stuck in a religion question. PPP is kind enough to ask at the end of its report, “We’ll be running an Iowa tracking poll every week for the duration of
the campaign, if you have suggestions of other questions we should be
asking please share them.” How about the standard exit poll query: “Do you consider yourself a born-again or evangelical Christian?” Please.