Tooting the horn of Religion in the News

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ElephantSaintsHot off the press, the latest issue of the Greenberg Center‘s biannual magazine Religion in the News is now online, and (if you’ll forgive an editor’s partiality) it’s one of our best.

The opening package features the eminent Jan Shipps on the succession of Mormon moments that culminated in Mitt Romney’s campaign for the presidency; Shannon Smith’s hip take on the LDS church’s “I am a Mormon” campaign; and an extended article of my own on the Restorationist soul of today’s Republican Party (about which more in a subsequent post).

On the other side of the partisan ledger, there’s my column on how, this presidential election cycle, the Democratic campaign decided to go after the secular vote. Which may not have been unrelated  the squall over the removal of God from the Democratic Platform, as recounted by Sam Livingston.

Meanwhile, Ron Kiener writes about the unsuccessful anti-Obama campaign of Bibi Netanyahu and Andrew Walsh writes about the unsuccessful anti-Obama campaign of the Catholic bishops (along with a primer on the place of Catholic hospitals in the struggle). For those of you interested in the legal standing of the Affordable Care Act’s Contraception Mandate, Marc Stern lays it out. And speaking of Catholics, the Paul Ryan-Ayn Rand kerfuffle is reviewed by Daniel Morgan.

Finally, Frank Kirkpatrick bids farewell to Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the ill-fated Anglican Covenant, and (more or less) the whole blessed Anglican Communion. And Christine McCarthy McMorris rings the changes on the varieties of Bob Dylan’s religious experience.