War on Whites? Republicans see it, Democrats don’t according to poll

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Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) made headlines when he claimed that Democrats were waging a “war on whites.” Republicans may quibble about whether or not is a “war” but many in the GOP (white and not) see a bias in favor of blacks over whites. Democrats, however, see equal treatment.


After the 2012, the American National Election Study (the gold-standard of political science polling) asked Americans if the administration favored blacks or whites. The result: a strong partisan divide. A large proportion of Republicans saw the White House treating blacks better than whites (a majority of all groups saw equal treatment). This was true even for minorities in the GOP.  In strong contrast, both white Democrats and minority Democrats saw fair treatment. Among self-identified independents, there is a larger racial effect, with white independents twice as likely to see blacks favored over whites.

Rep. Brooks’ comments may seem extreme to Democrats, but to many, many Republicans the label “war on whites” fits.