Mormon missionaries break dance, save baby ducks, and more on YouTube

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This week’s Mormon missionary YouTube sensation is Elder Gus Garcia of the Barcelona Spain mission, whose breakdancing one-upmanship with a Michael Jackson street performer has gotten nearly one and a half million views in just the last few days.

The missionary moonwalks, mimes, and showcases with the best of them, then gives his rival a friendly hug.

But that’s not the only recent Mormon YouTube video to go viral. In this one, we see that Mormon missionaries are supposed to go out and save the lost . . . including lost poultry, I guess. This video of a missionary in New Zealand rescuing baby ducklings from a storm drain has garnered more than 1.3 million views. (Duck families can be together forever in Heavenly Father’s plan. It’s a thing, I swear.)

What’s so appealing about these videos? It’s not just Mormons who are watching them, as you can see from the comments. (No, forget that, just skip the comments. They’re basically inane.)

These videos and others show us a Mormonism that’s fun, spontaneous, and caring — a religion that’s out in the streets, helping the world reunite its many lost baby ducks.

And did we mention the spontaneous part? For all the good that documentaries like Meet the Mormons might be doing out there in the Mormon world, there aren’t many reasons why non-Mormons would pay to see it. It’s propaganda, as opposed to random duck videos, which are [insert “proper gander” poultry jokes here].

Mormonism could definitely use some unscripted, random bits of dance-off fun.