GetGetReligion: Stop the presses!

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medium_marylandWonders never cease. GetReligion, the watch and ward society of MSM religion reporting, has seen fit to criticize RSM (Right Stream Media) religion reporting. That would be a Breitbart story by Austin Ruse on the Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Maryland, who allegedly killed a bicyclist with her car and then drove off.

To be sure, George Conger had to begin by declaring how great fan he is of the Breitbart website (“a fresh and vibrant addition to the stable of online news portals”). But he does go on to take apart Ruse’s lede:

‘The first female bishop of the Episcopalian Church and the second in command of the denomination in Maryland has been named by her diocese as the driver of a car that mowed down a father and beloved Baltimore bicycle maker two days after Christmas.”

This sentence combines bad grammar, confusing syntax, factual errors, and maudlin sentimentality.

Conger points out that Heather Cook is not the first female bishop of the Episcopal Church — the first was appointed way back in 1969 — or even in Maryland, which actually has two Episcopal dioceses, the other of which has had a couple of them. And what’s that “beloved” doing there? Good for you George!

Yet two cheers is all I can muster for the effort. It’s not just that all Conger can manage by way a bottom line is “could do better.” It’s that he makes no effort to elucidate Ruse’s, ah, ideological point.

One of GetReligion’s favorite parlor games is “Find the Ghost” — wherein the reader is invited to identify the missed religion angle in a news or feature story. The point is always that, once again, the MSW has shown its secularist bias.

So where’s the ghost in Breitbart’s machine? Clearly, when Christian denominations start letting women into the hierarchy beloved fathers are going to get run over. Beware Liberal Religion!