Boils, blood, lice, & other fun Passover puppets

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Plagues Finger Puppets

Flashy Soup Can via Flickr

Rite Lite's "Ten Plagues Passover Finger Puppets"

It’s Passover. The children are getting restless. Why not keep them entertained with a set of 10 plagues puppets?

Plagues Finger Puppets

Rite Lite’s “Ten Plagues Passover Finger Puppets”

Rite Lite makes the puppets and distributes it on its website., I found out, is “your ultimate online source for wholesale Judaica”). Rite Lite makes a bunch of ten plagues toys and novelties including

Another option is to make your own puppets. Brenda Ponnay, author of the Secret Agent Josephine blog, has some finger puppets you can download and print for free (available here). Personally, I find Ponnay’s puppets much cuter than Rite Lite’s puppets (the frogs and wild animals are downright darling).

After writing about these 10 plagues products last year, I received responses from families whose children play with the toys. Parents and grandparents loved the puppets and other toys. They’re accurate to the Passover story. Kids like the mix of cute & gross. Best of all: it gives the children something to do while the grown-ups are putting the final touches on the meal.

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