Time for another flood?

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Time For Another Flood?

In her new novel The New System, author Sam Jane Brown drives a coach and horses through Calvinist ideas about predestination. Do humans have free will? They certainly do. Are they free to choose between good and evil? They certainly are. And, consistently throughout history, the choice they’ve made has been the wrong one.

God has not given up on Her creation. She cares deeply. Eight hundred years ago, She made another attempt to put humanity back on track. Her colleague, Satan, wrote the Bible. It appeared to have been written over millennia – it wasn’t. It seemed to be a history book – in fact, the Bible is about the future, not the past; it tells us what we should do and not what people did back in the day.

But humankind has gone astray yet again. It’s time for action. Last time, God chose a flood and spared only the family of Noah. This time, Dublin Detective Zena McGrath gets the nod. She won’t need an ark – when it comes to knocking Society down and starting again, God’s choice of actions is huge.

The New System is available from Amazon in Kindle format here.

Sam Jane Brown lives in Hale, Cheshire, not far from Manchester Airport which is convenient because, when she isn’t writing, she works as cabin crew for a major UK airline. This is the second book by Sam Jane Brown, and is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Forgotten Word, the rights to which have already been snapped up by an American Production company. For further information please visit samjanebrown.com.



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