Not everyone in Utah welcomes Trump’s visit today


President Donald Trump speaks about tax reform Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, in St. Charles, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


Donald Trump will be stopping in Utah for a few hours today, his first visit there as president.

While there, he will take a tour of Welfare Square and meet with officials from the LDS Church. This has been standard practice with recent U.S. presidents of both parties, including both Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

He’s also expected to sign an executive order at the state capitol, shrinking national lands by some two million acres. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, there will be a protest at 10:45 across from the Capitol grounds, with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance saying the reduction is an “egregious assault on America’s public lands” and “an appalling affront to Native American tribes.”

Today we have a guest post from historian Devery S. Anderson, one of many Utah residents who is not pleased with Donald Trump. Devery’s words point to the deep divide in the nation that Donald Trump’s presidency has exploited and fed, as he lists the presidents many crimes and asks Trump supporters to account for themselves. –JKR


Devery S. Anderson of Salt Lake City, Utah

A guest post by Devery S. Anderson

I know what I see–but what do you see?

When Trump retweets far-right, anti-Muslim videos, I see a bigoted, hateful person whose very obvious anti-Muslim colors (not just anti-radical Islamic terrorist colors) are coming out. Trump supporters–what do you see?

When Trump utters a racial slur during a ceremony honoring Native Americans, in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson of all people, I see a racist. The Navajo Nation saw what I saw and issued a response. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump attacks the media, and calls demonstrable facts “fake news,” I see a man who thinks his base is stupid enough to ignore facts—I actually see him insulting them and having no respect for them. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump says Time Magazine called him and told him that they were considering making him Person of the Year, and then Time responds and says that is not true, I see a liar.Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump says Obama wiretapped him, yet there is no evidence to support that, and it has been denied by the FBI and others, I see a liar. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump rose to political popularity in 2011 by claiming, against actual fact, that President Obama was not born in the United States (a claim he is supposedly resurrecting as I write this), I see a racist liar who was and is just out for attention. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When sixteen women accuse Trump of sexual assault, and his own recorded voice reveals him boasting of doing the very things he is accused of, I see a sexual predator. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump said he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, and the moment he became president he decided America would pay for it after all, I saw a man who would say anything to con people into voting for him. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump was hit with lawsuits claiming he conned and cheated people out of their money with his phony Trump University, and settled those suits for $25 million, I saw a conman who got caught, and by settling the suit, essentially admitted that he is a conman and cheat. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When numerous Republicans, like Mitt Romney (who called Trump a “phony and a fraud”), Senators Corker, Flake, and McCain, among others, have been highly critical of Trump for his antics, behavior, Tweets, and what he is doing to the nation, I see the “left wing media” and “sore loser” arguments swiftly go down the drain. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump constantly came down on Obama for playing golf, and made the claim that as president, Trump would never play golf because the work of the country is too important, yet he is now on track to triple (yes, triple) Obama’s golf-playing, I see a hypocrite who, once again, simply lied to his fans. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump constantly makes personal attacks on people, most notably women, I see immaturity and a sad demeaning of the office of the presidency. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When the New York Times in June published a list of hundreds upon hundreds of demonstrable lies by Trump, I see what was already clear to me–that Trump is a pathological liar. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump’s staff and cabinet have experienced an unprecedented rate of turnover, I see chaos. Trump supporters, what do you see?

When Trump just happened to surround himself with people who have so many ties to Russia (as the investigation has shown), I can’t possibly write it off as a coincidence. I see collusion, and I believe it is closing in on Trump’s inner circle. Trump supporters, what do you see?

As we know, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Take this and so much more, and I see a very disturbed and bad man who is simply trying to turn the presidency of the United States into a cheap reality show, one who cares little for the people who elected him, and cares more about enriching himself and family while he is in this office.

Trump supporters, what do you see?

I know what I see. I see it so clearly.


Devery S. Anderson is the author of Emmet Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement and numerous books and articles about Mormon history. He lives in Salt Lake City.