Joel N. Lohr named president of Hartford Seminary

Hartford Seminary’s Board of Trustees today named Dr. Joel N. Lohr as the Seminary’s next president. On July 16, he will succeed Dr. Heidi Hadsell, who is retiring after leading the Seminary for 18 years.

Is the real War on Women happening in Africa?

Even though most countries in Africa had been decolonized by the 1950s, an influx of Western donors and corporation have imposed an entirely new colonization on the continent and its citizens, with strings attached to billions of dollars in aid all in efforts to slow population growth, destigmatize same-sex marriage and make abortion commonplace. Never mind that the African people have little to no interest in any of these changes, the neo-colonization of Africa is in full swing, warns Nigerian human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha in her new book, TARGET AFRICA: IDOLOGICAL NEOCOLONIALISM IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.

International religious freedom issues can transcend partisan divide in Congress

International religious freedom issues are growing in urgency and importance worldwide. It is against this backdrop that today 21Wilberforce released the 115th Congress Interim International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard. The intent of the Scorecard is to increase congressional awareness of international religious freedom issues, to encourage legislators to take bold action in support of this cause, and to publicly recognize the work of religious freedom champions in Congress.

Unification Church does not encourage firearm use

After the tragic recent events last week in Parkland, Florida, Family Federation (FFWPU) wishes to express our condolences to the families of the victims of such a horrendous incident. We would also like to take this opportunity to stress that our events, religious ceremonies and theology do not involve the use of firearms or weapons whatsoever.

Evangelicals deeply concerned about U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

As followers of Christ, we share a hope that the Holy Land–the birthplace of our Lord and Savior and the Promised Land of the Israelite Patriarchs–will be a land of peace where divine justice, as expressed through the Jewish prophets, can reign. We recognize the historical significance of this land to the Jewish people, who after generations in exile looked to return to the land to secure their physical safety and spiritual redemption. We also affirm the presence of an indigenous Arabic speaking community in the land that has been present since the time of Pentecost (Acts 2:11). It is therefore with the deepest concern that we are witnessing unprecedented actions by the United States government that–while supported by many good-meaning people within the Church–may inadvertently jeopardize the lives and future security of the peoples of the Holy Land. We therefore cannot support President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel absent a comprehensive peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Special coverage of the life and legacy of Billy Graham

In the wake of the death of Billy Graham, America’s most famous evangelist, Religion News Service is offering a comprehensive array of stories and commentary on his extraordinary life and more than half century of ministry.

Do you know the real George Washington?

While many American children will learn how George Washington cut down the cherry tree, they will not learn about his deep and abiding faith in God, his many heroic battles and his selfless leadership. In GEORGE WASHINGTON: HIS LEGACY OF FAITH, CHARACTER, AND COURAGE, children will delight in Washington’s story through the eyes of children’s book author and illustrator Demi.   

ABHMS encourages viewing ‘The Promise of Freedom’

In conjunction with tonight’s PBS premiere of “Tell Them We Are Rising” – a documentary about historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)-American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) encourages American Baptists to view “The Promise of Freedom,” ABHMS’ own video about HBCUs that were founded by ABHMS predecessor organizations.

Two new books – ‘St. Joseph’s Table Cookbook – 100s of Years of Old-World Family Cooking’ (2018)

“St. Joseph’s Table Cookbook – 100s of Years of Old-world Family Cooking” (2018): Just in time to celebrate Lent, the Easter season and the entire Church year. A classic family-style cookbook of historic proportions filled with hundreds of years of classic, healthy and easy old-world family cooking. The washable hardcover spiral, paperback and Kindle all at where 100% of sales go to our mission of serving 80,000+ American homeless in Southern California and beyond! Free cookbook review copies for media, television and radio hosts!

National interfaith leader selected to serve as executive director of globally unique tri-faith initiative

The Reverend Bud Heckman has been selected to serve as Executive Director for the Omaha-based Tri-Faith Initiative. Heckman recently served as Executive Director of Religions for Peace USA, presently as convener of the Interfaith Funders Group, and voluntarily remains president of the Board of Governors of the Religion Communicators Council. He brings two decades of experience in interfaith relations work – nationally and internationally, in nonprofits, academia, and philanthropy – to the emerging collaborative work of the Tri-Faith Initiative.

Hope ecumenical services launches as innovative, shared business model with mainline Protestant denominations

Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation has formed a groundbreaking ecumenical partnership, bringing together the best practices and services of Mainline Protestant denominations, through their respective church extension funds, using an innovative ecumenical business model, to serve each other. To support congregations, the best of their programs and services, network of colleagues, decades of experiences, leadership and faith have been pooled to provide transformational ministry services to a wider ecumenical network.

Are you teaching your child how to be a saint?

At the sacrament of Baptism, Catholic parents vow to raise their children in the faith, to educate them about why the Catholic Church believes what she does and to pass on the flame of Catholicism, driven by a personal relationship with Christ. But how should parents do that? What are the practical, everyday steps they need to take? John R. Wood answers those questions in the new book THE LIGHT ENTRUSTED TO YOU: KEEPING THE FLAME OF FAITH ALIVE.

Seoul, Korea: 2018 Global Business & Peace Symposium and Awards, March 7-8

The Symposium includes business, political and academic leaders from around the world and will discuss themes including religious nondiscrimination and inclusion in the workplace. With his high-profile commitment to business and peace, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, as well as providing his expert insight in to the tense situation on the Korean peninsular, will also speak about how business is a powerful force supporting interfaith understanding and peace.