The Slingshot: Faith on the screen; Trump’s war on Christmas; Comey gets biblical


Need to know: Monday, December 4, 2017

Lights, camera, academics

Cue the religion scholar! Representing faith on the big and small screen

You try boiling down 400 years of religious history into a few seconds. More from Religion News Service

Cuddly as a cactus

Trump: The grinch who stole ‘Merry Christmas’

"Trump, according to Trump, is the reason for the season," Brandon Ambrosino writes. More from Religion News Service

Biblical shade

Comey after Flynn’s guilty plea: ‘Let justice roll down’

Former FBI chief James Comey not-so-subtly quoted the Bible to praise the handing down of justice. More from

‘The appearance of impropriety’

Ravi Zacharias responds to sexting allegations, credentials critique

The popular apologist explained his extortion lawsuit, while his ministry defends his resume. More from

Free speech or hate speech?

Neo-Nazi website founder says trolling Jews is free speech

The founder of a neo-Nazi website was sued after he called on his followers to “troll storm” a Jewish Realtor from Montana. (Subscription may be required.) More from