The Slingshot: Videos denounced; tax cut morality; ‘biblical’ voting


Muslim American and other activists gathered on Capitol Hill on Nov. 29, 2017, to condemn President Trump’s retweets hours earlier of videos that purported to show Muslims acting violently. From left, Ilhan Cagri, a fellow at the Muslim Public Affairs Council; Lakshmi Sridaran, director of national policy and advocacy at South Asian Americans Leading Together; and Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. RNS photo by Sharon Samber

Need to know: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Infecting with hate

Muslim leaders speak out against Trump’s inflammatory retweets

Muslim leaders urge GOP: Don’t ‘sit idly by’ as the Trump fans anti-Muslim views by sharing videos they call fake and false. More from Religion News Service

No place ‘overrun’

Europe’s Muslim population growing — but won’t be a majority anytime soon

Even with refugees, migrants and a high Muslim birthrate, Europe will still be chiefly Christian or secular, study finds. More from Religion News Service

Evangelicals’ wish list

It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life

Along with trickle-down economic theory, tax cut proposals would open churches to campaign funding, give legal rights to fetuses. More from

Biblical patriarchy

Textbook co-authored by Roy Moore in 2011 says women shouldn’t run for office

Text and taped lectures suggest voters are morally obligated to vote for men only and questions women’s right to vote. More from

Art or insult?

Offensive murals must go, say Native American Notre Dame students and others

They say the murals celebrate Christopher Columbus and demean indigenous people and slaves but university officials cite their historic value. More from