I have autism … and I’m a Mormon

(RNS) — In some ways, being Mormon is an advantage when coping with autism, and in other ways, Mormonism makes it harder, writes guest columnist Mette Harrison.

When Mormon teens doubt

“It seems unreasonable to expect children growing up in the Internet age to have no doubts about Mormonism,” says Mette Harrison. But what should we tell them?

Do Mormons worship the family?

“Mormons need to stop acting as if family is the only way to God,” says guest blogger Mette Harrison. And if we’re going to defend the family, we need to defend *all* kinds of families.

Drink a coffee, save your Mormon soul

When this Mormon guest blogger was asked to rank various sins as a kid, she put drinking alcohol and coffee at the top — ahead of murder and fornication. Dozens of church lessons in dietary legalism had already sunk in.